Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gift of the Child

"Let us Bring Him Silver and Gold"
December 10, 2011

A Christmas Show where many children were able to give glory to God by sharing their various talents. First, was a Nativity scene with all the children dressed in costume and singing songs of Christmas, followed by individual and family performances. The stage then was filled with pajama-clad children who couldn't sleep because of the "visions of sugar-plums" that were still dancing in their head. Santa proceeded to "tuck them in bed" by revealing to them some of the very special things he always carries in his Santa Bag that remind him of the true meaning of Christmas. He showed them a wreath (eternal love), a candle (the Light of Christ and our own inner light), a gift (giving, sharing, thinking of others), a bow (tied in the bonds of brotherly love), a bell (rings to bring lost sheep home), a tree (the evergreen of everlasting life, pointing heavenward), a candy cane (Shepherd's crook for bringing lambs back to the fold), red (The Savior's sacrifice for all), a star (The Bethlehem star, a sign of prophecy, the light of the world) . . . Santa Claus (The spirit of Christmas, giving and receiving love, caring, sharing, kindness, cheerfulness, happiness, peace, good will to all, Christlike living). The evening concluded with all the children, on stage, gathered around Santa, with the audience, singing "Away in the Manger."

I wrote a poem to describe the "hope" for the night.
The Gift of the Child . . . The Christ Child
The Gift of the Child . . . Our Child
The Gift of the Child . . . Their God-given talents


The gift of the Child from heaven to earth

The Savior, our King -the sacred birth

Brought forth a brilliant burst of light

Starlight’s bright beam transformed the night

And so it is with each new birth

The moment –the Chance—to see heaven touch earth

To deep within feel the light

That transforms our hearts, our souls, our sight

The Gift of the Child—the gift of our child

So our eyes can see the meek, the mild

And then to watch the years reveal

In sinew of soul—gifts of God sealed

The child giving gifts to glorify God

As they seek to follow the path he trod

Let us hear them, see them- give their praise

To God for all his starry rays

That shot down the light from heaven above

That taught them to sing and dance and love

Like praises from shepherds and kings of old

Let us see the child bring Him silver and gold. . .

Written by Karen Nelson

Christmas 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby in a Manger


All ahush in stable below
Babe in a manger – all aglow
Soft are the sounds, sweet and mild
All amazed at the newborn child

Heaven, however, could not refrain
Responding in music of unearthly strain
The angels that night could not be hushed
Between shepherd fields, singing, they rushed
The Son of God, a king is crowned
Music of heaven was heard all around
Loud proclamations of His birth
Announcing arrival… the Christ Child to earth

All sounds surrounding that sacred night
Were holy…some soft… some brilliantly bright
Angels above were singing and singing
As Babe in a manger lay dreaming and dreaming….

Poem by Karen Nelson