Submitted by Karen M. Nelson
American Mothers, Inc. “Mother of the Year” for California, 2011

Circle Mothers is a gathering opportunity for the Mothers of students in California Schools to assess, create and become a resource for the school from the combining of their talent, skill, time and energy.  The creative power in this gathering can greatly benefit the mother, her family, the schools and the community. 

Circle Mothers could be held weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  Mothers would gather at a designated time and place, at the school, to assess and share their talents.  The school would be provided with information from the “circle” that the school could then use for special projects, programs or events that would benefit the school.

 The Mothers of students in America is a resource for schools that has remained largely untapped. Bringing Mothers together to discuss, create, examine, discover, develop, share and care would begin a ripple effect that would create endless waves of productivity and expansion.  

There would be no cost involved in the creation or continuance of Circle Mothers.   Mothers would meet at a time and place designated by the Principal.  All information about Circle Mothers would be sent out by school email.

A blogsite: has been created to enhance the work of Circlemothers.  It is also used to record Circlemother gatherings and provide a place for the organizations to report on the work and benefits of their gathered efforts to help one another, their schools and their communities.

Please contact me for any ideas and help by email: or phone: 206-948-2604.

Mrs. Karen M. Nelson