Thursday, March 29, 2012



My daughter calls her sister, “The Seventh Wonder of the World.” Another daughter calls her, “Magic Person.” Her creative mind is such that it staggers our minds at every turn. Everything she touches transforms as if she has touched it with a magic wand. When she was tiny she earned the title, “gunk collector,” because, wherever we went, she would gather up odd pieces of scrap “anything,” and bring it home to create amazing artistic sculptures……….She wasn’t home from college five minutes before she had gathered up all her little brothers and sisters and marched into our forest grove to create “something.” I went out a short time later to discover they had built an enormous teepee out of branches and sticks. They had also dug a fire pit and placed log chairs around it. All were happily roasting hotdogs and marshmellows. She then proceeded to create a ten-foot-high wicker chair……….One hour before getting on an airplane to come to her brother’s wedding, she found the bride’s maid fabric that had been sent to her weeks earlier and sewed, without a pattern, a prettier and more creative dress than any of the other dresses at the wedding………. My brother was about to sell his Jeep to some buyers who were soon to arrive at his house when he discovered the plastic sunroof had been eaten through by rodents. She found something lying around in their backyard and sewed a new sunroof before they arrived. If it is time to bike to the beach, she has already loaded 8 bikes on the cars, gathered all the helmets and is waiting for you before you tie your shoes. Everything she touches grows into radiant living………

I looked at what she was “doodling” during General Conference addresses on the television and discovered she had painted a picture of the Savior in the clouds………If you mention, “birthday party,” you turn the corner a few minutes later and behold the most fantastical blaze of everything draping and sparkling – the strangest combination of things dangling and criss-crossing everywhere in an unimaginable combination of spectacular. It is everywhere with her…. God touched her precious mind in a way that is beautiful to behold at every turn…she is truly, truly a wonder to behold….when you get to experience someone like Cubbie in your lifetime….you can only praise God for the chance be immersed in that wonder – “The Seventh Wonder.


Daisy said...

Beautifully written! I had the blessing and pleasure of being Cubbie's roommate and she is pure sunshine. She brightens any room she enters. My six year old met her one one, maybe two occassions before she was three years old and still talks about "Osita Bonita" (that's our nickname for her) and wonders when we can visit her. Love you Cubs!

Kate said...

'member when we were at Costco and she grabbed the cardboard that was sitting in one of the isles to paint on. She rules!

Most magical person I know.

Michelle Elise said...

She is pure magic. This post captures her artistic gifts so beautifully. And I remember beholding the huge wicker chair in your backyard and not believing my eyes! Go Cubbie!

Jilly said...

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