Tuesday, September 27, 2011


painting by Yin Ping Zheng


Etched in the heart of the Moon are the many moments my children and I have stood at a bedroom window, before going to sleep and said, “Moon, Moon!” and as they grew older, “The Moon is shining!,” which opened their hearts to speak of all the wonderful things that were important at that time in their young lives. Decades of children’s hearts have now passed through my heart and I still, before going to bed, look up and proclaim, “The Moon is shining on us tonight!” Recently, after a year long trial, with no apparent end in sight, I looked up at the Moon, and said, “The Moon is not shining on us anymore…” I then closed the blinds and went to sleep. The very next day the year of “Faith’s struggle to rise above Fear,” ended. I think the Lord did not want me thinking the Moon was not shining on us….even for one night…I will never close my blinds again….

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Katherine said...

I thought I was reading a quote from a book for a second.