Friday, September 23, 2011

Signs of Life

Rejoice in the “signs of life” around you. You walk in the door and see shoes, coats and backpacks …you walk in family room and see books, papers and toys ….you go in the kitchen and see dishes and food strewn around…. beautiful signs that people are “living.” The abundant life is filled with these “signs.”


Open the oven…a bright red ball

No one will answer any phone call

Swimming in milk dumped on the floor

Coats and shoes bursting out the door

Laundry piled high upon the bed

Paint bucket spilling on top your head

Mud tracks across a bright, clean floor

Open a door…hear music roar

Glass window broken by thrown baseball

Wrestling children end up in a brawl

Rubbing the butter all over your face

Stepping in honey all over the place

Applesauce flung up on the walls

Hide and seek players up and down the halls

Chaos and crashing and breaking and sighing

Life at its best is both funny and trying

The “signs of life” are bright and wild

Accompanying the gift of every child

Witness of their stirring soul

Creating stories to be told

Of brilliant life lived full and free

Expanding all possibility

And when life’s song is sung at last

The “signs of life” will bless the past

Treasures rare in the behold

That bless the lives of young and old

….Songs to sing, souls to grow

Hearts to love as life unfolds…

by Karen Nelson

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Katherine said...

haha... it's been a good life so far.