Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Defense Against Love


Since there is no defense against the greatest power on earth, if you keep at it, you will win. If you have offended someone beyond imaginable repair…begin imagining…it may even take years, but you will break them down with the determined, unwavering demonstrations of your love….the power is too great…the human spirit will succumb.


In the movie, “Always,” there is a line, “The love we hold back is the only pain that follows us here.” When we choose not to love, we lose and regret. When we choose to love, we gain and find joy.

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Katherine said...

Word. It reminds me of that time when Andy Bean's mom brought cupcakes to one of his classes in High School for his birthday... he said it was kind of embarrassing, but at the same time, how could he not appreciate that expression of love. He said, "...you can't hate love." Love that kid.