Wednesday, October 19, 2011



We each “approach” life differently for a reason. It is a necessity. “That all may be edified” together, we have been given different talents and propensities. We use these to create our lives and brighten and bless the lives of those we have the privilege to have in our life. I call this “style.” We each have a style uniquely our own. To the degree we are true to our created “style” is the degree to which we can be effective in influencing others and making a difference in their life for good. We have the ultimate superb opportunity as mothers to accomplish this.

I watch my mother friends and glory in their difference in “approach.”


One friend is raising five children, one of which has Angelman Syndrome. She shows me her hour-by-hour schedule for the summertime months, mapped out in startling, perfect detail…and I see the match up. Brilliant, intellectual, creative, driven, artistic mama with a host of children with varying interests and challenges. They each thrive expansively under her dedicated, inspired “reign.”

Another mother spends her summers in the backyard on a swing full of daughters to talk to -- laying by the pool with lemonade and flowers and cookies and crafts. Creative, magical, bright, lacy, crafty mama. Every child thriving in sweet peace and bonding creativity.

Another mother, with two autistic children, takes her six children to Disneyland over and over again and lets the color and delight of magic fill their fantastic souls. Sunshine, indominatable, mama. Each developing in unimaginably beautiful ways.

Another mother hikes and bikes and runs and exposes her children to the wonders of the outdoors that can only be truly felt and explored in ways that involve the unity of feeling the joy of all that the human body can do joined with trees that can only be seen atop an unreachable mountain, or wild flowers that only can be found on hidden trails – and only for certain days, if you happen to catch them. Outdoor, rugged, insightful, spiritual mama. All thrive with the song of nature in their hearts, and minds and bodies.

Each mama … her own approach to life, to summer… for a reason … that all may be edified…


Mary seeks light, sits at His feet
Head held high, hoping eyes to meet
Steadies her gaze upon His face
Enthralled by His love, His peace, His grace

Martha seeks light, stands at His side
Captures each word, as through the room glides
Hopes her devotion He still can see
Seeking to serve, though not by His knee

Both seek His light…at His feet, by His side
One sees, one hears… their souls to Him tied…
“Mary and Martha, Come unto Me…
Bring “each” your hearts…see eternity”…

(Poem by Karen Nelson)

Play this scene out in your mind

Mary and Martha approach the Lord in very different ways … as we do…each of our unique offerings graciously accepted … evidence presented that we have honored the gifts He has given us to work with on earth to beautify and bless and “Come Unto Him.”

Play the scene out in your mind….your “approach” – your offering before the Lord.

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