Friday, October 14, 2011



I read an article in a magazine that featured movie stars that were now in their later years. Although their stories varied there was one thing that stood out as common among them. They each said that they would trade all the fame, money … the glitz, the glamour … everything… to be able to grow old with someone.


I believe we should grow old gracefully. Developing habits that support the goals of mental and physical health are, of course, important. I believe, however, there are many things that the world offers that upset the natural flow into growing older. There are emotional and physical needs that can require alterations but I believe we should, whenever we can, “leave our beautiful bodies alone.”

I watched my Grandma Bessie “grow old gracefully.” Right up until the time she passed away, at 93 years of age, she was doing yoga, jumping on her mini trampoline, making her green drinks and reading every book she could get her hands on, keeping her mind bright and body healhthey ttttttthy.

She once told me that, when you are old, what becomes most important to you is that you are “useful.” She was able to “use” her beautiful, old body to bless the lives of us young’ins until her very last day; nursing relatives through illnesses, helping in the home when granddaughters were bringing new ones into the world, working tirelessly wherever there was a need. She was “gracefully” able to make her “needed” dreams come true.

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