Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Go to the ocean whenever possible ~~~ clears the mind ~~~ opens the heart ~~~

.... allowing for "gone with the wind"


She looks into beyond…what can it be
Rolls of white foam in bright turquoise sea
It keeps coming and coming, to her pure child glee
She stares at the wonder, sensing how free

After her eyes melt into delight
She steps slowly forward to feel the sight
Over her toes, over her feet
Climbing her legs up to her knees

She looks back to gather a sense of belong
Then smiles turn to laughter when crashing grows strong
All of a sudden she’s racing the waves
They dance with her soul in ecstasy’s rave

Finally she’s come…the sea seems to be speaking
We’ve waited for her… the one we’ve been seeking
When she alighted upon our shore
We knew she’d arrived through heaven’s door

She is the one…bright blond like the sun
We knew in our waters she one day would run
The one who knows truly of God’s beauty gift
The one who knows surely of how we can lift

She knows our power… the power to heal
She knows our spirit brings one to kneel
Only she senses with full heart and soul
The gift of the ages from our ebb and flow

And now she is here…she will tell them at last
That waters of heaven can heal the past
And move one full forward…the feel of surround
Bringing remembrance…how His love abounds

Dance with us child…tell us your story
Sing to us now…how you came from glory
To bring to the earth the gift of the sea
An offering from God to help children see

That waters of love pouring over a heart
Can mend and tend, create a new start
For all broken children not knowing how
For those who’ve forgotten how to bow

Tell them dear child to run in our waves
Tell them to come to the sea to pray
Tell them to dance with us…we’ll sing our song
And soon they, again, will know they belong

To God above who loves them, so dear
The love that you see and know… is clear
Tell them, oh tell them, to come to the sea
And we will teach them how to be

You are the one… flowing hair like the waves
You are the one to teach them He saves
All that God hath…it’s beautiful…you know…
Bring them dear sea-child… bless their soul

Little blond child runs in pure delight
Blessed, sacred, holy sight…

Poem Written By Karen Nelson

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