Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Does She Know


How does she know when to rock through the night

Somehow aware of a fear or a fright

Nothing is seen, nothing is heard

But deep within a mother heart stirred

How does she know when a new babe is born

The melting of souls is what creates the adorn

That beholding the glow from God’s new design

Will brighten the recall in remembrance divine

How does she know that her shoulder would shield

Innocent eyes as the world around reeled

A place for retreat from images new

Wondering becomes learning…why the sky’s blue

How does she know music’s soft waves

While holding her babe, will quell the raves

The motion in dancing with music combined

Will calm troubled waters and sweet respite find

How does she know revealing the sea

To a young child’s mind will bring ultimate glee

That splashing and laughing in white swirling foam

Will cause a young heart feel closer to Home

How does she know when a child cuts a finger

Her outpouring of love is all that will linger

That patching a hurt is such a small part

In the healing of tears and a broken heart

How does she know that the breaking and crashing

Are just “signs of life” of playful child dashing

Full speed ahead, wrestling and racing

Young ones all struggling to keep with the pacing

How does she know the ache of no-bearing

After full, fruitful years will not faze the caring

The eternal deep yearning of a mother heart

Though bound by mortality will never part

How does she know soft melodies at night

Will melt away worry, setting all aright

That stroking soft hair will calm all the fears

Bringing blessed sleep that will quiet the tears

How does she know that painting with butter

swimming in milk or blasting through shutters

walking in honey, flinging applesauce on walls

Is bright curiosity that will help them grow tall

How does she know the child is God’s gift

That within her breathes all that’s required to lift

The pathway to Home written in both their souls

A sacred imprint….through ages rolls

She knows because deep within her lies

A sacred trust with divine ties

A preexistent promise made long ago

Emblazoned bright quest, burned into her soul.

Written by Karen Nelson

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Brit said...

This one is my new favorite.