Friday, July 15, 2011

Through the Mirrors of Time

In honor of "all" the women in our lives, I wrote this poem...


One early morning before day dawn break

And scarcely before completely awake

She found herself sitting arrayed all in white

In a sacred room filled with crystal light

She looked at the mirrors that brought time together

And basked in eternity – in her visual forever

And pondering upon all the souls gone and forward

She felt a deep stirring and knew she had heard

A voice that speaks soundless – the language of soul

That taught her of lives that exacted a toll

That all she was and would hope to be

Was brought through the mirror – the lives she could see

Of those who had struggled and cried and stretched

Whose brilliant life stories were carefully etched?

They came in bright glory, one by one

Women of light, the sung and unsung

Each precious story – each life profound

All built a foundation – pure and sound

For the next to come forward – for her day in the sun

For her day to laugh, cry – give birth and run

Run in the wind, splash in the waves

Warm by the fire – and earnestly pave

A new path to follow for wondering eyes

That search through the soul to determine the prize

What are the gifts she will bring - they ask

What are the treasures – to aid in the task

Of finding the way through the maze of life

That will take her through – both the joy and the strife

And each valiant woman who taught their heart

Taught them to choose the better part

To stand tall, full straight, not bent by life’s tears

Full of pure faith, not bent by the years

Becoming all they were destined to be

Opening hope for the each to see………………….

And then it all closed and the souls in mind’s light

All vanished and left her alone in the might

The might of the gift she was given through mirrors

That faced one another with her as the seer

She stood in the middle looking backward and forward

And blessed all the lives, now infinitely dearer

Of those who behind her stood strong in the wind

And those ahead – whose lives are not penned

The life they will write with music and song

With words that will then help others along

And then as she stood there – a truth stepped out forward

And planted its message without a word

Just knowledge – pure, precious, plain, penetrating

Suddenly, completely a part of her being

She knew the forever – of backward and forward

Were hers to own, to enjoy and to measure

She had the choice to honor the gifts

Of those from before – whose choices were lifts

From one to another….and now they held out

Their steady hands – banishing doubt

So with faith and trusting – she held their hands tight

And with the other, reached into the night

To pull those unborn through the curtain of light

And give of her gifts made golden and bright

Gifts of pure wisdom, gifts of pure faith

Gifts of the heart, gifts in clear lace

That only can come and go from a mirror

That faces another and brings loved ones nearer

And basking between forever and ever

She stood all amazed in a time-honored treasure

Packed solidly, firmly in the sinew of soul

That is shared through reflection as the ages roll.

Written by Karen Nelson

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