Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who Has the History?

My Grandchildren


When a parent makes a decision for a child, or counsels a child, they are coming to that moment with HUGE history behind them. They have been with their child since the time they were born, watched them all throughout their life… loved them, cried over them, laughed with them, spent time with them, prayed over them, dealt with them, worked with them….. there is absolutely no one else on earth in a better position than they are, to make a decision or give guidance… We should trust parental guidance and decision… the yearning and praying and love cannot be measured … and it all comes into play at the moment of decision and counsel...

Sammy and Luke


To illustrate why “Who has the history?” works….a while ago, while on vacation with two daughters, my son-in-law, my three grandchildren and my ten-year-old son – I decided to take the four little boys to the park – as soon as we left the hotel room I heard and saw explosive signs of physical and emotional distress…. Another way of saying this is – loud screaming and enthusiastic fighting…..I stepped inside the room and told their parents that I had no idea what happened and no idea how to handle what happened….they immediately said, “Oh, he just stole his invisible stars.” The parents immediately knew what to do as their passion escalated…and we all tried to hide our laughter….I thought…imagine if I had tried to handle what happened…there is no way I would have ever guessed that one of the boys had stolen the other one’s invisible stars….but they knew immediately and knew immediately how to handle it….because they “had the history.”


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