Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who's Child is This?

My Daughter Cubbie

When I was a new, young mother, I listened to all my friends’ advice and read every book I could find about how to raise a child. My mind was so filled with what other people had to say, that I lost confidence in myself and felt paralyzed. I went to my husband with my dilemma and he asked me who it was that the Lord gave this child to. He said, “He didn’t give your child to Connie or Beth or Susan…He gave this child to you…so he trusts you, not them, to be able to mother your child.” I felt the spirit confirm that the words he spoke were true and something happened inside me at that moment…freedom! …I felt free to explore my own heart, mind and soul for the answers to how to raise my child. Since each child is so unique, it has been a blessing to realize that you can trust what you feel inside, as the source to determine the right thing for your child ….. the Lord gave the child to you….he trusts YOU to raise this child.


Marnae and Clint Carter said...

I love this post. I had my first baby 4 months ago. And I also read every book out there and listened to all my sister's and sister in laws advice. and then ended up doing what I felt was right for him.

~L said...

Sister Nelson,
I'm truly enjoying what you have to share on this blog. You were always so caring and wise during our times in young woman's. Now as a parent struggling with things ive been able to get more of the deeper bits of wisdom you have to share.

Lyndy (Reagan) Stokes