Friday, August 12, 2011

Bunny Box

I once read an article written by a child physiologist that talked about the importance of the “bunny box.” When bunnies are born they have to stay inside a small, dark area – in the ground or in a small box….. they tussle around in there and get stronger and stronger while they are confined to the small area… If they leave the bunny box too soon, they will die, because they are not strong enough. He compared this to children. Children wrestle and tussle with one another when they are small, physically and emotionally… By the time they are ready to leave the home, they are finally strong enough…. They have had lots of opportunities to develop relationships with multiple family members…so when they leave the “box” they are strong enough to take on the world. He said that we should not be too concerned about all the little contentions and “figurings out” that go on in a family – it is healthy -- and makes for stronger “bunnies.”

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Katherine said...

I was just talking about this with a roommate. I agree. The relationships you build in the home become so important to you that it is worth it to fight through the hard times to get to the better times. Those relationships then become impenetrable, and your ability cultivate healthy relationships with others becomes a gift.

I love your bunny box theory. So very true.