Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Everyone's Business


I have a dear friend who has been a nanny for most of her life. She is very interested in the welfare of “little ones.” If she notices a child being physically or emotionally abused in public, she will approach the offending parent and tell them to stop their behavior. The response she usually receives from the parent is, “It is none of your business,” to which she replies, “It is my business, it is everyone’s business.” Children are a gift from God, on loan to us as parents. How we treat His “little ones” is certainly His business and should be ours also.


In the scriptures it talks about how it would be better for someone, who offends a little one, to have been drowned in the ocean with a millstone tied around his neck. This is a powerful image used to describe the greatness of this offense.

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