Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Positive Reinforcement


I attended a course taught by Glen L. Latham, Ed.D, who was a professor at Utah State University. I was so impressed with his classes and the books he has written, “The Power of Positive Parenting,” and “Christlike Parenting,” that I have decided that every one of my children, for a wedding present, will receive a copy of these books, to help them on their parenting adventure. At the end of every chapter, in his positive parenting book, he quotes the same quote. It is by S.W. Bijou, The International Encyclopedia of Education, 1988. “Research has shown that the most effective way to reduce problem behavior in children is to strengthen desirable behavior through positive reinforcement rather than trying to weaken undesirable behavior using aversive or negative processes.” This quote and these books have blessed us all.

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