Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ice Crystals

ICE CRYSTALS…… “Two nice things.”

“Don’t say that - you are damaging your ice crystals! ….Ok, now you have to say two nice things about that person (or yourself).” This is commonly heard in our home and is said when someone says something negative about themselves… or someone else…….Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto (2005) researched the effect that words have on the freezing process of water. Words were spoken and music played as water froze and the difference was astounding. When the water was exposed to words like kindness, or to music such as a lullabye, intricate, delicate, beautiful formations resulted. When exposed to words like “hate” or hard rock music, horrific contortions were created. The most fascinating of all – when the water was exposed to the word “love,” the ice crystals grew exponentially into the most beautiful artistic designs, far more intricate and glorious than any of the other crystal patterns created – and kept growing and growing without end. The human body is composed of 70% water – imagine how much of what is within us can be affected by something as commonplace as a word spoken or a tune heard. Our family has been fascinated by this scientist’s work and so we remind ourselves continually that we want to create only beautiful crystals in ourselves and in others --- and when we make a mistake – we try to repair the damage by -- “Ok, now you have to say two nice things.”

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